Apr 25, 2008

Endorsement for Presidential Candidate

We here at Hope and Theology would like to endorse Senator Hillary Clinton for President. I know this contradicts me being a theologically conservative Baptist (sorry Huckabee fans) or as an African-American (yeah, no can do, Obama-mania). Let's be honest, every politician and citizen is guilty of the current system or the "politics as usual." Whether by voting or staying at home, we all participate in the system so no one's hands are exactly clean. We should stop deceiving ourselves; just because one candidate claims that he or she is part of a new kind of politics does not exactly mean that he or she is; it's as if we can fool ourselves into thinking that a mere human being can transcend our current political system while being actively involved in it. For that matter, the notion that a candidate can transcend race/ethnicity, gender, age, or religion while the country continues to depend upon the racist, sexist, and ageist politics of empire is a delusion. Therefore, we throw in our hats for former first lady and current Senator Hillary Clinton.