Jun 23, 2007


So, yesterday I had the worst lunch break ever. It all started when I suggested we go to Luby's for lunch. It was my friend Jacob, Darryl from work, and myself. As I was in the parking lot, I walked in between 2 cars. One red convertible had a license plate on the front that had bent corners. The plate cut deeply into my right knee. For a few minutes, my knee would not stop bleeding. As it stopped, we ate an overpriced meal. Then, we looked out our window near the booth we were sitting when a tall black man in a very short mini-skirt kept pacing back and forth. Let's just say we could not stop laughing, as much as we tried. After lunch, I went to school since I was scheduled to have Theological German at 2pm. However, I started bleeding again, and fortunately, the administrators called the TCU police who escorted me to the TCU Health center. I got stitches and my shot updated. The good part about yesterday was last night, Molbert (molly and Robert) and I went to see "Evan Almighty." I also saw my friends Rodney and Amanda at the same auditorium at the Rave (Fort Worth). It was a decent movie for kids to see, and very-faith friendly, in that it was not blasphemous like "Bruce Almighty."

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