Apr 2, 2009

My Published cultural commentary for Palm Sunday

As I promised last month, the African American Lectionary published my cultural resource for Palm Sunday (Psalm 20). I reflect on Psalm 20 in light of the life of Jesus and Zechariah 9, reading Matthew 21 as what Dominc Crossan calls an Anti-Triumphal Entry scene.

Here is the link below:

Palm Sunday

First post to first published cultural commentary:

Communion Sunday


Celucien L. Joseph said...

Congratulations Rod! I'm going to read it.

Rod said...

Thanks Celucien! I really appreciate your compliments. I like how the editors made my language on Empire consistent throughout the commentary I did. In the original draft, I switched between Reign and Empire of God.

C Howell said...

I read your lectionary entry, saw that you used Brueggeman's Message of the Psalms. Incredible read. (You know your a seminary student when you examine someones bibliography, lol)

Rod said...

hahahaha, you are right Chris.

Bibliographies tell alot about who people are, in my opinion.