May 13, 2009

The Make Over for this blog

Just an update:

I have been considering for quite a while to change the template of this blog to make it aesthetically pleasing. The picture at the top is a saint in Greek Orthodoxy named Moses the Black or Moses the Ethiopian who lived as a slave at one point. I think that he is symbolic of the work I am trying to do, understanding the Chrisitian religion in light of imperial social structures such as slavery.

In addition, the title of the blog has changed to ECHOMEN ELPIDA which is greek for, We Have Hope! I thought it made sense given the url's namesake. I also have been wanting to, ever since I started reading and writing in Biblical Greek to re-do the title of this blog in something greek, like the peeps over at Euangelion and Koinonia as well as Epignoskein and Pisteuomen. You can just call me a copycat, w/e!

I HOPE (elpidzo) you all enjoy! :)


mwhitenton said...

Not bad, Rod! I like the new look!

But the grader in me wants to count off .5 points for leaving out the breathing marks and accents. : )

mwhitenton said...

Also, Rod, ἐσμεν ἐλπίδα is "we are hope." You need to have a form of ἔχω, preferably with the personal pronoun made explicit.

Sorry. I can't suppress the inner-grader.

Rod said...

Oh man. Stealing my thunder mike!

Rod said...

Corrections made, thanks to Microsoft Office 2007 published.

Also, speaking of accents, Mike, let's just say I had bad experiences my first semester of biblical Greek with grades being lowered because of accent marks and what not.

Celucien L. Joseph said...

I like the new blog and the name, respectively.