Feb 13, 2009

President Bill Clinton, you are excommunicated from the Baptist fold!

I was raised a Baptist. Always been a Baptist, and always will be a Baptist. If we baptists do not agree on anything, we do agree on the doctrine of soul competency, the freedom that God has given every human being to respond freely to the Good News. This requires freedom of thought, and a free conscience to repent and believe on the LORD Jesus Christ.

Bill Clinton, a Southern Baptist nontheless, is working to silence dissent, those "conservatives-in-exile" (I wonder what homecoming looks like?). I once thought that Bill was a "third-way" Democrat. I guess I was wrong. Freedom of speech and conscience is guaranteed not only by God Godself, but also the U.S. Constitution. Therefore, President Bill Clinton, please no longer consider yourself a Baptist. We believe in freedom of thought, and apparently, you do not now.

Here is the article from World Daily.net.

Bill Clinton for Fairness Doctrine

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