Feb 27, 2009

Updates on the past few weeks

During the past few weeks, I have been working to revamp this blog to fit my emerging theological and political preferences. The title was originally “Hope & Theology” as of a week ago until this week I decided there needed to be a change because my expanded interests that now includes Patristic & Matristic theology, libertarian politics, empire studies, racial reconciliation, and issues pertaining to sexual ethics. All of this really started when I started to re-evaluate my beliefs, (I have made it a habit to do that), as well as re-discover the God whose drama is recorded in Christian scripture. I keep asking the same question as Saint Anselm once asked, “Why Did God Become Human?,” and now I am barely scratching the surface of the political and ethical implications of the doctrine of the Incarnation and what it means. Ultimately, this is a specifically Christian, and therefore Trinitarian question. So, thus, from this day forward, this blog’s name will be surnamed, “Black Trinitarian Theology.”
I almost made this blog’s title “Black Libertarian Theology” as sort of a spin-off of Black Liberation Theology, of which I am well read. However, after reminding myself of my Anabaptist religious sensibilities against the dangers of marrying any political ideology to a religious system, I quickly decided against it. I will soon blog about my journey towards libertarianism after confronting many “evangelists” bent on converting me to libertarianism during my undergraduate years. I will say about this most recent change in my policy views is not due to some political pundit’s ridiculous rants or an encounter with Ayn Rand herself; rather by examining my favorite book in the Bible, Judges, along with contemplating on the Incarnation of God’s Word and trying to flesh out the full political implications of Yahweh, King of all creation descending onto earth to become an ordinary citizen.

Join me as we journey together to live out and continue God’s dramatic, saving action in history to rescue us from the empires of the world to become citizens in the empire of heaven (Revelation 11:15).


mike fox said...

glad to see you blogging more often. i think you have something to say. of course everyone has something to say, but you now what i mean

Rod said...

Thanks Mike! I know what you are trying to say. Haha.