Feb 18, 2009

ThM acceptance

Today, I recieved an acceptance letter into Brite Divinity School's Masters in Theology program in Theology, History, and Ethics. My ultimate concerns have been modified slightly, but remain basically the same as three years ago, although I see my work for a higher purpose. I plan to do my thesis on the Patristic and Matristic theologians of the Early Church and how their approaches to race, ethnicity, sexuality, and gender can serve as a model for the Body of Christ located in the United States of America (which is totally unable to address any of these issues).


Celucien L. Joseph said...

Congratulations on your acceptance. Your potential dissertation sounds promising. Let the Fathers speak!


Rod said...

Thank you Mr. Joseph, for your encouraging words. It seems like you enjoy the Ancient Christianity and contemporary theology also. I hope to see you checking back for the progress of my progess of my thinking here on Hope and Theology.

Celucien L. Joseph said...


No problem. I could only wish that I could begin reading Carter's book "Race : A Theological Account" and eventually his subsequent work will deal with Patristic writings as well.

Have you had the chance to read it yet? It's highly praised among theologians.

Rod said...


I had just glanced at the Duke Divinity school's website and never thought about looking at Carter's work.

NOW, I do want to read this book, because this is exactly what I want to do with my work.

Thanks for the heads up!