Mar 26, 2009

Calvinism and Holy Hip Hop

My friend T.C. has been writing about the influence of Calvinist theology on Christian rap music, i.e., Holy Hip Hop.

Calvinism and Holy Hip Hop I

Calvinism and Holy Hip Hop II

T.C., while his assessment of Calvinists' dominance over the Holy Hip Hop industry is correct, he is mistaken to refer to this type of music and entertainment as hip hop. In fact, it would be suffice to say that HHH, as it is presented to a majority white upper middle class Christian audience, is more in line with secular rap rather than the hip hop industry. Rap Music is different from hip hop, and I plan to explain the difference in an upcoming post on "Towards a Holy Hip Hop Theology of Freedom," a reconstructive effort to ever so slowly undermine the monopoly the Calvinist theological grip on the Christian rap game. That is all I have for now. Enjoy T.C.'s sharp insights in the mean time!

Here are 2 past posts on my views on Calvinists (one actually recovered from my now defunct Xanga account):

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Celucien L. Joseph said...

Honestly I dont differentiate Hip Hop from Rap Music. At least, I dont know how to discriminate the two or do so. I look forward to your post on the subject.

Rod said...

That's cool. I do see a difference.
Also, I still need to do that Petrine Letter and Caesar post I promised a month ago.

Nick Norelli said...

Celucien: Generally speaking "hip hop" represents various activities to include: (1) Rapping, (2) DJing, (3) Break Dancing, and (4) Graffiti. Rap is merely a subset of hip hop culture and can be done without reference to the other major elements.