Mar 27, 2009

The Ryan Moats--Dallas Police Incident

What would you do, if your own mother-in-law was in her last breathes, and the police officer intentionally stops you from seeing her because he wanted to prove a point to you by abusing his power? A long question, but there is no simple answer, because this actually did happen, just yesterday. See Celucien's response to this tragedy.

Ryan Moat's Loss

What would be the appropriate theological response to such an offense of human dignity?


mike fox said...

there's a part of me that wants to believe that, just maybe, that police officer did the right thing. someone was running lights and stops. same person is driving awkwardly, then rushes out of the vehicle loudly when pulled over. for a 3-year vet in dallas, that's enough to make an officer want to take control of the situation, which is what they're taught to do.

but . . . it was right in front of a friggin' hospital!!! common sense!?! if it was anywhere else in town besides the curb outside the hospital, i think we give the cop a pass. but it wasn't, so we can't. plus, on the news clips, someone confirmed to the cop at some point that the nurses said there wasn't much time, but the cop said he wasn't done yet.

theological response? that's tough, because the one bearing the sword (i.e. government) has done the right thing and disciplined its own for doing wrong. i think at this point we affirm the police chief for condemning the action and punishing the individual. as for the offender? not the church's concern b/c the sword did the right thing.

but, i'm open to hearing what others say on this one.

Rod said...


I hate to disagree with you here but, the sword did not do the right thing. In fact, the sword kept instigating and antagonizing the citizen, and that was definitely not the officer's job.

Here is the full video from the police car cam:

mike fox said...


how are you disagreeing with me? i agree that the officer did the wrong thing, and i even clarified why it was wrong. when i said "the sword" did the right thing, i was referring to the police department which suspended the officer and the police chief who came out and publicly reprimanded the officer, even going so far as to call the officer an embarassment.

so, how exactly do we disagree?

and, stop by my blog and check out my latest calvinism post. the fangs are out over this one too lol.

later bro

Rod said...

My apologies, Mike.

I mistook your reference for the sword as the officer who wronged Moats. Sorry for the miscommunication.

Good thoughts.