Mar 21, 2009

NT Wright's Surprised By Hope: An Anabaptist Appraisal

Like him or not, N. Thomas Wright's work has become the standard for 21st century New Testament scholarship. His work on the resurrection, Surprised By Hope, is desperately needed in today's world where the doctrine has been put on the back burner of most churches. This book has been recommended to me by friends and I pray that I will find the time to read it after I finish Moltmann's Theology of Hope (one of the few Moltmann books I have not finished). My friend David over at The Centrality and Supremacy of Christ blog has written a review that simply must be read. It is a fair and critical account of Surprised By Hope.

David on Surprised By Hope


Celucien L. Joseph said...

I've heard good appraisal about this book but have not acquired a copy yet. Will you do a review?

Rod said...

When I get my copy or borrow the book, I will do a review, Celucien.

I wonder what Wright has to say about race relations and eschatology.
I would be very interested.

mike fox said...

i've heard this title, but i didn't realize it's about the resurrection! maybe i can read it this summer.